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Tahfif office and school supplies Limited established since early 1972. the main branch based in dar-es-Salaam along Samora avenue opposite ST Joseph Cathrdral, Tahfif is one of the leading companies engaged in supplying of office, school and computer accessories, the brands we deal in are recognised for their quality value and reliability, thus for over twenty years, Tahfif have served various institution and government accessories agencies, Business and Educational sectors in Tanzania.

Our company profit is customer’s satisfaction; we are supplying all goods as to our customer requirement’s with dedicated staff to make sure not only our clients get value for money but also quality service.


We aim at integrating ourselves closely with the growing trends in the work environment and to provide our customers with quality school and office stationary and computer supplies.


Our vision defines us we believe in Customer orientation, result orientation, risk taking, quality and disciple.

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